BigLifeCourse is unlike any personal growth course you’ll ever participate in.
You will experience…

– A connecting, intimate group, limited to 25 participants
– Deep, meaningful, organic conversations/breakthroughs
– Living lighter, freer, with more energy/clarity/direction
– Rating/tracking your progress using The Quadrant of Life (Career/Life Purpose, Health, Relationships, Spirituality)
– Discovering what you want vs. what you REALLY want
– How to give up everything holding you back (Peeling away the onion)
– How to create the traits/personality you truly desire and become the person you were born to be
– Identifying your ‘Autopilot’ setting/comfort zone/taking back control to design an extraordinary/rewarding life
– Learning to trust your heart/inner compass/intuition
– How to transition from ‘mind living’ to ‘heart living’
– Living into a created future/releasing the past/our ‘stories’
– A look at life after death/The Other Side
– The distinctions between religion and spirituality
– How to get unstuck in any/all areas of life
– Unlocking your unique code for living with purpose, meaning, and fulfillment
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