“While attending Jeff’s weekly Coach’s Corner, my life has changed dramatically. My ability to be more real and true to myself has come to the forefront. I have become a kinder and more open person. Without Jeff’s ‘no excuses’ approach to coaching, and helping me to look forward and not at the past, I would not have found the present joy I am currently experiencing. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be coached by Jeff.” -Sharon Brancato, Greenville SC

 “I am honored and grateful to have Jeff as my coach for nearly two decades! During this transformative journey, I have evolved from a state of confusion and lacking clear direction in my life to manifesting many dreams and goals. From financial struggles to remarkable success, Jeff has been instrumental in guiding me through these transitions. Previously hindered by emotional unavailability and a fear of vulnerability, Jeff’s coaching empowered me to overcome these obstacles and embrace the essential qualities that led me to the love of my life. Over the years, I have enthusiastically recommended Jeff to friends and family, and without fail, their response after connecting with him has been an emphatic, ‘Wow. He is truly exceptional!’ As a coach myself, I firmly believe that even coaches require guidance, and during challenging moments when I find myself unable to coach myself out of a situation, I turn to Jeff for his unparalleled wisdom and expertise. He is an extraordinary individual, and I cannot express enough how profoundly his coaching has impacted my life and the immeasurable value he brings to every interaction. Book a session with him immediately – it will change your life!” -Elle Russ, #1 Bestselling Author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution and Confident As Fu*k

 “Jeff’s sessions have given me the vision and tools to awaken my inner soul, and helped me to discover what living authentically truly means.” -Ed Dailey, Greenville SC

 “I have been participating in a weekly coaching group (Coach’s Corner) led by Jeff. He has challenged me to think about my life and relationships with a new perspective, and it’s made a huge difference. I’ve always felt like there has been something missing, and Jeff has given me the courage to explore and find that piece of the puzzle. This journey to become my authentic self hasn’t been easy, but I know I’m on the right path. With Jeff’s continued guidance, my goal is to keep being free to be me.” -Carol Scully, Greenville SC

 I can promise you that your life will not be the same after attending a course or event with Jeff. The sessions are so refreshing and informative. I have learned so much about myself and who I really am.” -Susie Roberson Lockett, Greenville SC

 “Thank you so much, Jeff. After our coaching sessions, I always feel more clarity. Your gift of bringing my feelings to the surface has made all the difference. You’re passionate about what you do, and you’re helping so many people. I love you, my brother.” -Alan Kan, Greenville SC

 “Since 2005, Jeff has coached me whenever I was stuck and needed to work through an issue. He is very intuitive and gets to the root of a problem quickly and efficiently. He is a no-nonsense type person that will interrupt the drama or stories and get to the heart of the matter immediately. He has a natural ability to ‘fix’ things. Even though there were many times I didn’t want to hear what he had to say, I would self-reflect afterward and realize he was spot on. I’m very grateful for Jeff’s support, inspiration, and empowerment – it has all helped me tremendously through the years.” -Allison Roedell, Creator of BeingAuthenticNow.com

 “Jeff has helped me add a new dimension to my thinking. I’ve expanded my horizon, addressed long-standing concerns, and squeezed more ‘juiciness’ out of life – all benefits of Jeff’s widely popular class. As a broadly experienced life coach and author, Jeffrey Brownstein shares eye-opening observations on myriad topics with his eager audiences.” -Fifi MacMahon, Greenville SC

 “Your classes are educational, life-affirming, and life-changing. Thank you for everything you do, and for being who you are.” -Fred Moon, Greenville SC

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